Luzzu Lotto Information and Prizes

Discover all the information on Luzzu Lotto, how to play and how much you can win.

How much can I win with Luzzu Lotto?

There are 3 prize tiers:
Match Prize
6 + Joker Ball €2,000,000 Jackpot
2 €1.50
Joker Ball Free Bet Bonus

How do I choose my Luzzu Lotto numbers?

Placing a bet on the Luzzu Lotto draw is simple - choose six numbers from 1-50 and one Joker Ball number from 1-5. You can also use our QuickPick option that picks random lucky numbers for you!

Do you want to pick lottery numbers like a pro? Read this guide to find out how to choose the winning lottery numbers.

When does the draw take place?

The draw takes place at 22:00 CET every Monday and Thursday.


To make things even more exciting, twice a month Luzzo Lotto holds a special draw called the Superdraws with a whopping €5 million supersized jackpot to be won. To get in the chance to win the special jackpot, all you have to do is match all 5 numbers plus the Joker ball.

How are the winning numbers generated?

The winning numbers are generated by the IRNG (Insured Random Number Generator) which ensures that the winning combination is randomly selected. The technology also uses a time-stamping mechanism that guarantees the protection of results.

What is the Free Bet Bonus?

You can win the Free Bet Bonus if you match with the Joker Ball number. If you match, you win your bet back which can be activated from your account for you to use on future draws of Luzzu Lotto.

How much does it cost?

One line for Luzzu Lotto costs €1.50 and comes with the option of subscribing so you never miss a draw!

How do I win?

The €2,000,000 is won if you match all your six main numbers plus the Joker ball. In the case of having two numbers that match, you win back your €1.50, and if you match the Joker ball you win a free bet!

What happens if there is more than one winner?

Luzzu Lotto works just like any other lottery: the main cash prize is split equally between all winners. The Free bet Bonus is not shared as the winners receive one free bet each.

What do I do if I win?

The prize money will be transferred directly to your account as soon as possible. Once the winnings have been transferred into your account and your account has been verified, you can withdraw the prize or use it to spend on future entries.
If the Free bet bonus is won, you can claim it from your account which you can then use on other future Luzzu Lotto draws.

How will I find out that I’ve won?

We will send you an automated email informing you that you have won one or more of the prizes in the lottery draw. You can also view all the details in your lottery account. If you have provided us with your phone number, you will be contacted by phone in the case of you winning the main prize.
All the latest winning numbers can be viewed on the results page soon after the draw takes place, checking them against the numbers you have played.

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