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Lotto July Numbers

The Superdraw, the latest lottery results – all that’s worth knowing right here!

We’re here to bring you all the vitamin sea you need as we near the end of the month … ...
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lottery numbers

We’re back to bring you all the Luzzu Lotto results scoop!

It’s always a super day when there’s a Superdraw! Yesterday, Thursday 9th July, Luzzu Lotto’s jackpot got a major lift-off ...
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malta lotto numbers

A Luzzu Lotto recap to its latest results

You might have missed out on the last 3 draws that went on – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered ...
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Lotto Numbers

All the details about the recent Luzzu Lotto results – under one roof!

We’ve had some exciting draws these past few weeks, including a €5,000,000 Superdraw which occurred just yesterday. Yesterday’s Luzzu Lotto ...
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Lottery News 6

Luzzu Lotto could award the largest Jackpot ever won in Malta!

The Luzzu Lotto Superdraw is coming up on Monday 15th June l’aħwa, and we cannot be more excited about it! ...
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the maltese luzzu

The Iconic Maltese Luzzu: Under the Microscope!

If you go for a walk anywhere by the Maltese coastline – most especially if you visit the fishermen’s town ...
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Lottery News 7

Are you ready for a Luzzu Lotto superdraw?

We all know that Mondays and Thursdays are Luzzu Lotto days, but next Monday will be super special, because it’s ...
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How to play Maltese Lotto online

Here’s How you can Play a Maltese lottery from home

Luzzu Lotto is a local lottery which is exclusive to It was created with the Maltese culture in mind ...
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It’s time to #SendSomeLove with Luzzu Lotto!

Do you want to #SendSomeLove to a person close to you who might feel a bit far away right now? ...
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Luzzu Lotto jackpot

5 things you can Buy if you Win the €5 million Luzzu Lotto jackpot

The Luzzu Lotto Superdraw will enter the harbour in just 3 days, and it will unload a massive €5 million ...
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Luzzu Lotto Superdraw

Reġgħu Għamluha! Luzzu Lotto has a Splashing €5 Million Jackpot to be Caught

There’s a jackpot boost in town and it’s making a big splash!’s Luzzu Lotto has supersized its jackpot for ...
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Local Lottery Luzzu Lotto

Malta’s New Local Lottery “Luzzu Lotto” Can Win You €2 Million has launched its brand new, maltese-inspired lottery, Luzzu Lotto. This twice weekly draw boasts a jackpot of €2 million ...
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