Luzzu boat

All you need to know about the Luzzu Colors

Yesterday’s Luzzu Lotto numbers were 5 10 18 27 34 39 4 but we’re not here to talk numbers, we’re here to talk colours! In this article, we will be exploring what the different colours on Luzzu’s mean and how they brighten up the Maltese seas.

First off, what is a luzzu? A luzzu is a traditional Maltese boat that dates all the way back to the early 20th century. If you have never seen a luzzu, it is basically a wooden-hulled fishing boat that is built from strong timber.

But, what makes the luzzu characteristically Maltese is the fact that it is painted using blue, yellow, green and red. The colourful luzzus are arguably the soul of Maltese sea life, but these colours do serve a purpose.

The luzzus usually have a reddish-brown lower half to mark the waterline. The same goes for whichever colour is painted on the band of the lower half of the boat, the mustaċċ.

A red mustaċċ means that the Luzzu is coming from Saint Paul’s Bay. A lemon-yellow one would mean that the Luzzu has originated from Msida or St.Julians whilst an ochre yellow mustaċċ means that the Luzzu is coming from Marsaxlokk or Marsaskala.

It is also possible to have a black mustaċċ which means that the owner of the boat would be mourning a family loss.

All these colour meanings and uses date back to when the Phoenicians had siege over Malta. The meaning of the colours have not evolved much as luzzus are no longer built, but rather inherited.

Luzzu boat eye

Another thing that helps create the soul of the Luzzu is the decorations painted on it. The most traditional decoration is a pair of eyes painted on the stern. The eyes represent the fact that the fisherman and the boat are being watched over and taken care of.

Now that you know what a Luzzu is, you can experience the Luzzu Lotto draw in a whole new way. The differently coloured luzzus may not have an effect on the lotto’s draw, but that doesn’t mean that the creation of this Luzzu Lotto was not influenced by Maltese tradition!

Try out the Luzzu Lotto today!

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