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We’re back to bring you all the Luzzu Lotto results scoop!

It’s always a super day when there’s a Superdraw! Yesterday, Thursday 9th July, Luzzu Lotto’s jackpot got a major lift-off with a €5 Million Superdraw. However, the draw saw no grand prize winners. Here are Thursday 9th’s draw results: Main Numbers – 18,19,21,24,28,47 & Joker Ball – 2.

Just in case you failed to catch the last two Luzzu Lotto draws – here are their results:
06/07/2020: Main Numbers – 15,22,25,37,45,50 & Joker Ball – 3
02/07/2020: Main Numbers – 11,13,18,29,42,47 & Joker Ball – 5

If you’re still curious on the previous results, you can give our Luzzu Lotto results page a look.

The next draw will take place on Monday, 13th July, at 22:00 CET. Will you manage to match the 6 main numbers and the Joker Ball? You might just get so lucky, and snag the €2 Million prize.

What other exclusive lotteries can I play from Malta?

We all know about Super 5, Lotto and Superstar, however, if you’re craving a slight touch of exclusivity, offers just that with JackpotMillions and JackpotLotto.


With just €1.50 for a line, you can get in the chance of winning a fixed prize of €1,000,000. The draw occurs every day at 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT). In order to win the grand reward, you’ll have to match the 6 main numbers along with the Magic Ball. All you need to do is visit and head over to the JackpotMillions page. Once you do, you can pick out 6 numbers from 1-50, and a Magic Ball from 1-5. If you’re unsure on your number picking, you can easily click on the Quick-Pick button to have your numbers randomly chosen for you. To add, you can also opt-in for a subscription which is only €4.99. This way you will never miss out on a draw as your numbers are inputted automatically for you. Finally, you may complete the transaction. Good to note that with a Superdraw, the JackpotMillions’ massive prize boosts up to €10,000,000!


This exclusive lottery happens twice a day, at 13:40 CET and at 20:40 CET. With a jackpot fixed at the €100K mark, all you’ll need to do win the entire pot of gold is match the 6 main numbers and Jackpot Ball. To place your JackpotLotto entries, visit and proceed to our JackpotLotto page. Afterwards, pick out 6 numbers from 1-50 and select 1 Jackpot Ball number from 1-5. You can also click on the Quick-Pick button to have your numbers chosen in a random order, and you can finalize as many transactions as you wish! A subscription will cost you just €4.99 a month – this way you’ll never miss out on a draw. With a Superdraw, JackpotLotto’s first prize goes up to as high as €250K!

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