Things to do in Malta including Luzzu Lotto draw

Here are a few things you should definitely do in Malta

Horse riding at beautiful Golden bay, scuba diving into some cool caves, or placing a bet on Luzzu Lotto – here all the Maltese gems you should totally check out if you’re in sunny Malta.

It happens – we tell ourselves we’re going to spend the day out and about in the sun, and once we step out the door, we have no idea where and what to do that’s fun and different. 

Well, we’re here to fix that! We’ve come up with a guide for you to be able to check out whenever you’ve dried out of any ideas while in the Maltese Islands:


  • Take a horse-ride in Golden Bay

Here are a few things you should definitely do in Malta 1

If you were on the lookout for the most beautiful sunset in all of Malta – look no further – Golden Bay holds your answer. You have the option to take a horse-ride during the day but we highly recommend you to go for some sunset chasing over there as it’s truly breathtaking. Besides, you wouldn’t have the same experience if you went by walk and/or car!


  • Explore Malta’s wonderous seascape with a scuba diving session

Here are a few things you should definitely do in Malta 2

Get to know Malta on a deeper level – literally – and go for a scuba diving session to explore all the nooks and crannies the country has to offer. There are many locations to visit such as the Santa Maria caves of Malta’s sister island in Comino, MV Karwela Wreck in Gozo, an oil tanker wreckage just off the coast of Malta in Zurrieq or even the Blue Hole in Dwejra, Gozo which is 15 metres deep! 


  • Check out the fish markets in Marsaxlokk

Here are a few things you should definitely do in Malta 3

You can truly feel the essence of Malta whilst in the southern town of Marsaxlokk. It’s a proper Maltese Sunday outing, which you can get just about everything from – whether you want some fresh fish for dinner time, a new outfit with some serious bargains or even some other fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables – you can get them all here. To add, a stroll by the seafront will also enlighten your spirits, especially with all the colourful and traditional luzzu boats.


  • Place a bet on the Maltese-themed lotto, Luzzu Lotto

Here are a few things you should definitely do in Malta 4

You surely must’ve heard about the locals’ favourite lottery, Luzzu Lotto! What’s so good about this lottery is that even if you’re out and about, you can still place your bets. Simply own a smartphone or tablet, and you’re all set. After doing all of the above, you’re going to want to experience the full Maltese package – so give this a go, too. A Luzzu Lotto line will cost you just €1.50 – cheaper than a ftira – and a monthly subscription of 8 draws a month has a price tag of only €4.99 for a chance to snag the €2 Million jackpot. Click here to place your bets today.

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