Summer with Luzzu Lotto

6 Things to do this Summer, plus possibly winning €2 Million

Last Monday’s Superdraw and its results surely turned some heads, but Luzzu Lotto is back again with another €2 Million jackpot! Make sure you don’t miss tonight’s €2M draw, the first indicator that the weekend is coming! Whilst you wait for the clock to strike 10 pm CET, there are loads of other summer activities you can do to pass the time. 

1. Grab a couple of friends and play some marbles

Play marbles

Marbles have been around for centuries. All you need to do is pick out your favourite marbles from your collection, lay them out in a line, and try to displace as many marbles with as little hits as possible. Anyone can play this game, as long as you have a flat surface, you’re good to go!

2. Learn a new Language

Learn a new Language

There is no better time to learn something new than the present! Use your spare time to learn a new language you may have been too scared to learn before. There are tons of apps and resources you can use to learn a new language!

3. D.I.Y some Popsicles

D.I.Y. Popsicles

If munching on some ice-cold popsicles is more your style, D.I.Y them! These are arguably the easiest and most refreshing summer snack to make at home. Just gather up what you want to have in your popsicle, and freeze! Easy!

4. Rent your very own Dingy

Rent a Dingy

Have some fun in the sun, but don’t forget the sunblock! Pack up your car, drive over to your favorite beach, and rent a dingy! Or a paddleboat, whatever is more your speed. Just make sure that you have packed a ftira to fill you up for lunch. 

5. Play some cards

Play cards

Last but not least, keep it simple, play some BellaDonna or Ħalliela and try to get rid of all your cards. Grab an ice-cold kinnie, a deck of cards, and a few mates. You will be surprised just how fast 10 pm rolls around.

6. Bet on the Luzzu Lotto

Luzzu Lotto bet

Whilst you’re out and about doing everything we’ve mentioned, you can also bet on the LuzzuLotto! Since this is an online draw all you need is a device with an active internet connection. 

The next Luzzu Lotto draw will take place in a few hours, make sure you picked your six lucky numbers and the Joker ball. You can also subscribe to a Luzzu Lotto and never miss your favorite draw. Kindly note, that you can change your numbers or cancel your subscription anytime.

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